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1975 Yamaha U1H


This is a lovely Yamaha U1H upright piano, fully manufactured in Japan in 1975 during the golden era of Japanese piano manufacture.

The piano comes with a matching piano bench and features a third practise pedal system (centre muting pedal that locks down so that the piano can be played at a lower volume at night-time etc).  The black gloss cabinet, internal action mechanism and keyboard are all in excellent condition with very minimal wear.  Overall, it represents excellent value for money and is a serious option for a new piano buyer.

The piano has been fully serviced, regulated and tuned to A440 concert pitch and is available for viewing at our Norwood piano workshop.

Brand:  Yamaha
Model:  U1H
Manufactured:  Japan
Cabinet:  High Gloss Ebony
Condition:  Immaculate
Piano Bench:  Piano Bench to Match
Internal Structure:  Full iron frame, fully overstrung & underdamper model
Location:  Adelaide

The Price includes delivery & home installation, matching piano bench with lift-up lid, after delivery tune and adjustment, 15 year warranty.

All of our pianos come with:
  • 15-year warranty
    For complete peace of mind
  • Free professional delivery
    Your piano delivered safe and sound
  • A piano stool
    To match your new piano
  • Post-delivery tuning
    For beautiful sound in your home

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