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1996 Kawai Upright Piano


This classic walnut 118cm Kawai upright piano manufactured in Japan in 1996 is the perfect piano for musicians wanting to progress their skills to the next level and upgrade to a modern style piano.

Originally manufactured in Japan in 1996, this piano has been fully reconditioned with the highest quality parts. The piano has also been fully serviced and tuned to A440 concert pitch and will endure years of constant use in a variety of settings from private home to school or entertainment setting.

A well maintained Kawai piano made in Japan from the 1990’s is a once lifetime piano purchase and will last a lifetime.

Brand:  Kawai
Model:  118cm Upright
Manufactured:  Japan, 1996
Condition:  Excellent
Cabinet:  Polished Walnut
Piano Bench:  Matching bench with lift-up lid
Structure:  Iron Frame, Overstrung, Underdamper action
Location:  Adelaide

Price includes delivery and home installation, matching piano bench, after-delivery check and tune (within 2 months) and 15 year warranty.

All of our pianos come with:
  • 15-year warranty
    For complete peace of mind
  • Free professional delivery
    Your piano delivered safe and sound
  • A piano stool
    To match your new piano
  • Post-delivery tuning
    For beautiful sound in your home

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