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1872 Antoine Bord ‘Artiste’ Piano


This extremely unique and rare piano has just been released from our piano restoration workshop in Norwood. It is an absolutely stunning ‘Antoine Bord’ upright Piano manufactured in Paris, France in 1871.

The piano would have been manufactured in the Antoine Bord piano factory during the peak of the classical European musical period. This is the 126cm high ‘Artiste’ model with patent Bord playing action. Bord’s pianos were considered to be one of the most prestigious pianos of their time and these high-quality vintage examples are now becoming rare and extremely sought after. The piano also comes with a fully restored vintage piano stool from the same period.

The internal structure of this piano has been fully restored including a full structural overhaul of the frame, soundboard and playing mechanism. The piano is a true antique and has to be appreciated in light of the period it was manufactured. The piano does not play like a modern piano and neither should it, rather the technology of the time should be recognised for the engineering marvel that it was. In its day, pianos were tuned to a lower pitch that in modern day, commonly A415, which this piano has been set at.

The amazing figured walnut cabinet reflects the classic French and broader European styling of the time and is hand carved from European figured Walnut, a timber that is now extremely rare and sought after. The cabinet of this piano has been fully stripped back to bare wood and repolished by hand. The amazingly carved panels are lined at the back with traditional red silk, reflecting the original look of the piano. It is in stunning condition and one of the finest examples of a carved cabinet that we have ever seen. The retractable candle holders at either end of the fallboard are an amazing and unique feature. We have also removed and repolished the original brasswork including hinges, locks, screws etc and refitted them to the piano.

The internal structure and mechanism of the piano has been restored including the mechanism being completely rebuilt. New centre pins, bridle tapes, springs and felts have been installed where required and the hammers and damper felts have been replaced with a high quality custom made natural wool set purchased from Germany. Following restoration, the piano has been fully regulated, serviced and tuned to A415 pitch. It plays beautifully and has a lovely tone for a piano from this era.

The original ivory and ebony keyboard is in excellent condition, with no chipped or damaged keys. The keyboard felts have been replaced and the keyboard completely levelled for a smooth playing experience.

The piano is an original Adelaide delivered and sold piano by Kuhnels Piano Store in Rundle Street, Adelaide. The previous owner of this piano was family in Fullarton and the piano had been passed down through three generations. It has been extremely well maintained with annual tuning and servicing during its life and still has the original locking key.

This beautiful piano is suitable for somebody looking for a unique feature piece, it is not suited to an advanced player or somebody wanting a modern piano. Alternatively, it would suit a museum or feature home that wants to add a unique French piece of history.

Give your home a unique feature piece that will only appreciate in value as these high-quality vintage pianos become more rare and collectable.

The price of the piano includes professional, fully insured delivery and home installation, matching restored piano bench with lift up lid. Also included is our premium care package including inspection on delivery and free first tuning. Ongoing scheduled maintenance and tuning is also available.

Flexible payment options available, we accept all major credit cards including Amex.

All of our pianos come with:
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  • A piano stool
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  • Post-delivery tuning
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