Yamaha YUA5


This classic 1981 Yamaha ‘YUA5’ model piano presents immaculately in ‘As New’ condition. It was manufactured entirely in Japan, during the golden era of Japanese piano manufacturing, using high quality labour and materials. The high gloss ebony cabinet has been refinished in our piano Restoration workshop, all keys were removed, cleaned, re-aligned, lubricated and the keyboard completely levelled. The quality Yamaha weighted piano action has been fully refurbished and the piano has been serviced, regulated (overall adjustment) and tuned to concert pitch. This piano is also fitted with a set of high quality Yamaha K series hammers. These alone cost over $1000 to supply and fit and have given the piano a magnificent tone and clarity of sound, more like a baby grand piano than an upright. Yamaha YUA5 pianos have a full gold-plated iron frame with A-Graphs in the treble giving them an extremely stable tuning system. They are fully overstrung (have a longer string length) and have a

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