1872 Antoine Bord ‘Artiste’ Piano


This extremely unique and rare piano has just been released from our piano restoration workshop in Norwood. It is an absolutely stunning ‘Antoine Bord’ upright Piano manufactured in Paris, France in 1871. The piano would have been manufactured in the Antoine Bord piano factory during the peak of the classical European musical period. This is the 126cm high ‘Artiste’ model with patent Bord playing action. Bord’s pianos were considered to be one of the most prestigious pianos of their time and these high-quality vintage examples are now becoming rare and extremely sought after. The piano also comes with a fully restored vintage piano stool from the same period. The internal structure of this piano has been fully restored including a full structural overhaul of the frame, soundboard and playing mechanism. The piano is a true antique and has to be appreciated in light of the period it was manufactured. The piano does not play like a modern piano and neither

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