‘New’ Yamaha JU109PE


This new, 2018 model, Yamaha JU109 is the perfect mix of quality and affordability. Perfect for students and ideal for beginners, it is manufactured under Yamaha’s stringent quality control ensuring it will provide years of playing enjoyment. Featuring a gloss ebony finish and a third practice pedal for muting the sound, it has a lovely modern look and excellent tonal characteristics, typical of new model Yamahas. Features: • Cut thread tuning pins, made in-house at Yamaha • Pinblock made in-house at Yamaha • Solid copper-wound bass strings • Hard maple bridges • Aluminium alloy action rails • Spruce keys with hardwood buttons • Mute pedal • Polyester finish • Seasoned for destination Included in the price is professional insured delivery and installation, a matching piano bench, complimentary tuning within 2 months of delivery and 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer ongoing maintenance and tuning services.

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NEW Alex.Steinbach ‘Romance’


We hold South Australia’s only licence to sell Alex.Steinbach’s range of German designed upright and grand pianos. The Alex.Steinbach ‘Romance’ model is the largest selling German-designed piano in Australia. This professional piano stands at 121cm tall and is designed by world renowned German piano technician Klaus Fenner. These pianos offer both classy European styling combined with traditional wooden piano construction making them the perfect upright piano for Adelaide with our strong European influence. Alex.Steinbach’s patented ‘Imperial German Scale’ together with the use of high grade Roslau piano wire and solid wooden components provides greater reliability, tuning stability and clarity of sound than other new pianos on the market. Because of these features, Alex.Steinbach also offers a lifetime warranty, unrivalled in the new piano market with Kawai being its nearest competitor with only a 12 year warranty. The lifetime warranty also makes these pianos a fantastic option for institutions such as schools and churches as it removes all maintenance concerns into

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NEW Alex.Steinbach ‘Elegence II’ Baby Grand Piano

$16,995.00 $11,995.00

PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE!   This brand new Alex.Steinbach ‘Elegance II’ Baby Grand Piano features Cabriole legs and a gorgeous high-gloss Rosewood finish. The Alex.Steinbach ‘Elegance II’ Baby Grand Piano is an ideal baby grand piano for the home. Its stylish European design separates it from the square appearance of other new brands and its compact size is designed to suit the décor of both modern and classic style homes. Its patented Imperial German Scale, solid timber soundboard, German Roslau piano wire and traditional wooden response action produces a far more superior tone and touch compared to other baby grand pianos on the market. Included with the piano is professional insured delivery and installation, concert piano bench, one free tuning within 2 months from delivery and a lifetime warranty system including premium care package. Country and interstate enquiries are welcome, delivery & tuning packages interstate can be easily arranged. Alex.Steinbach is Australia’s largest selling German designed piano. They are manufactured in the

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