Alex.Steinbach Pianos

Our New Piano Range

If you are looking for a quality new piano for a home or institution environment, an Alex.Steinbach Grand or Upright model is an excellent choice. With a high-quality build, German-design and offering a lifetime limited warranty, an Alex.Steinbach Grand or Upright piano is sure to suit your needs.

These high-quality German-designed pianos are manufactured by South Korean Company, Samick Musical Instruments Co Ltd using high-grade materials sourced from around the world –

– The German Imperial Scale design from renowned German Piano Designer, Klaus Fenner
– Roslau high-grade steel piano wire from Germany
– Pure wool felt from Germany and Japan
– Fine-grained spruce from Quebec, Germany, Italy or Alaska

Leaver & Son is the sole dealer of new Alex.Steinbach pianos in South Australia!


Features of Alex.Steinbach Pianos:

German Imperial Scale – allows longer strings and larger soundboards than most other pianos.

Triple-strength spruce soundboard – gives added strength and durability, whilst ensuring that the tonal quality and resonance of the spruce core is maintained.

Pure wool, double felt hammers – produce a warmer sound and ensure greater durability, maintaining their shape, compression and density over a longer period.

Traditional ‘all-wood’ playing mechanism – ensures greater stability and resilience and reduced maintenance costs when compared with combined
wood/plastic mechanisms.

Traditional ‘all wood’ pedal levers – reduce the likelihood of unwanted vibrations and ensure the sound is as clear and precise as possible.

Soft-close lid, called a ‘slow-fall’ – prevents the keyboard lid from falling too quickly, reducing the risk of damaging small hands.

Double rubber-wheel castors – give added protection to floors and easier manoeuvrability.

A limited lifetime warranty – ensures peace of mind for the lifetime of your instrument.


Additional Options:

Dream II Module – a module that enables your acoustic piano to be muted and played through headphones, to record your playing and listen back, or to connect your piano to a home computer to work with composition software to compose your own music. Only available on the Romance Upright Piano.

PianoDisc iQ – this exclusive technology enables your acoustic piano to play itself while you relax, listen and watch. Sounding just the same as if you were playing, the PianoDisc iQ technology is cleverly hidden within the piano and controlled by a bonus iPad supplied with the piano. Only available on selected
Alex.Steinbach models.


See the full Alex.Steinbach Range here!

    All of our pianos come with:
    • 15-year warranty
      For complete peace of mind
    • Free professional delivery
      Your piano delivered safe and sound
    • A piano stool
      To match your new piano
    • Post-delivery tuning
      For beautiful sound in your home

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    •  Your asking price, and
    •  Your contact details

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