The Wertheim Piano – An Australian Classic

Mechanism Repair

Wertheim is an Australian brand of piano, formerly produced in Richmond, Victoria. Between 1908 and 1935 around 18,000 upright pianos were manufactured. Renowned for their ability to stay in tune for long periods of time and requiring little maintenance, they were a popular all-purpose piano. Their business was very successful and the Wertheim family enjoyed celebrity status in Australia. However, after the Great Depression of 1929 and a declining demand for pianos, the family had to make the decision to close the factory in 1935.

Keyboard Repairs

At Mobile Piano Service, we specialise in the tuning, repairing and restoring of Wertheim pianos, including Gold Scroll, Wertheim Planet & Hasburg models. As we have been working with these pianos for many years now, we have a lot of experience and spare parts available. We are also able to do cabinet, mechanism and keyboard restorations.

Tuning, servicing and minor repairs in the home can range from $185 to $500. Restoration can range from $2,000 to $5,000 but they are a unique, hand-made piece of Australian History and are well worthy of being restored.

You can check out more of our restoration work, including the restoration of a 3 Crown Ronisch at

Cabinet Restoration
New Keytops
Final Product!!
Finished Product